Mayor Grandeur Couture @Mayor_Grandeur_Couture
12 April, 10:47
I can’t wait for this site to have its own app 🥰 #Ramadan #davido #nigeria #makemefamous
Isah Yahaya @Iy_levi
11 April, 04:22 (E)
If you have MTN Sim card DM... ASAP , I will show you how to make 10k with it, withdrawal is on Sunday #Ramadan
Mayor Grandeur Couture @Mayor_Grandeur_Couture
07 April, 10:55
Always take care of yourself, people move to the next available option when you can’t pull up anymore #learnlife #Ramadan #ShareThisPost #davido
Mayor Grandeur Couture @Mayor_Grandeur_Couture
06 April, 08:20
_I can’t mock the poor, I used to be one, I can’t envy the rich am trying to be one 💯 Faith moves ✊_ #Positive #fyp #davido #wizkid #Ramadan
Billionaire Ambition @chephy
06 April, 04:32
DAY 5- Our Lord! Give us in this world that which is good
and in the Hereafter that which is good,
and save us from the torment of the Fire!

#ramadanquote #ramadanquotes #Ramadan #ramadan2022 #ramadankareem #chephy
Billionaire Ambition @chephy
04 April, 05:47
O Allah! Enlighten what is dark in me. Strengthen what is weak in me. Mend what us broken in me. Bind what us bruised me. Heal what is sick in me. Strengthen what is crooked in me. Revive whatever peace and love died in me. 🤲 #Ramadan #Ramadan #chephy
Billionaire Ambition @chephy
04 April, 03:05
Day 3- O ALLAH! Please Shine upon Us your Light!
Accept Our Prayers and Guide us through
the right part.

ramadanquote #ramadanquotes #Ramadan #ramadan2022 #ramadankareem #chephy
Albysnr GTWB @Albysnr
03 April, 11:55
Billionaire Ambition @chephy
03 April, 11:34 (E)
Billionaire Ambition @chephy
03 April, 06:26
God bless Ramadan 🤲
Billionaire Ambition @chephy
03 April, 06:03
Alhamdulilahi for today 😊 #Ramadan
Billionaire Ambition @chephy
03 April, 06:00
Alhamdulilahi 🤲
Billionaire Ambition @chephy
03 April, 11:45
Every night in Ramadan, Allah chooses people to be saved from the hellfire.
Billionaire Ambition @chephy
03 April, 10:00
Day 2 #Ramadan

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