Ayomide Jegede @Jegzlion
28 October, 07:44
Due to some discrepancies noticed by the admin we hereby annul the results of the just concluded weekly giveaway contest. some contestants tried to cheat their way into winning but they were not smart enough. Cheating is not allowed and it will not be condoned moving forward #livegistisupnext
Olanrewaju Ayan @Lanre
28 October, 03:56
Asisat oshoala is the 🐐 for real #livegistisupnext
Tunde Balogun @Tundesky
28 October, 03:48
Voting will soon be over plix guys 😥 #livegistisupnext
Lucky Edoho @Lucky001
27 October, 09:32
Guys please keep on voting we are almost there #livegistisupnext
Opeyemi Ayetoro @Opeyemi
26 October, 06:28
Jibola Dabo @Jibola
26 October, 06:01
Thank God for today #livegistisupnext
Peter Atedo @Pixar
26 October, 04:02
Peter Atedo @Pixar
26 October, 04:01
Guys please come onboard for lucky #livegistisupnext
Peter Atedo @Pixar
26 October, 04:00
You guys should please vote for my homeboy lucky001 he deserves to win #livegistisupnext
Dimeji Bankole @Dimeji
26 October, 03:46
Im happy because tomorrow is settled #livegistisupnext
Olufela Patrick @Olufela
25 October, 10:30 (E)
I blow trees everyday of the week #livegistisupnext
Julie Ojo @Juliet
25 October, 10:05
Germany is my dream country #livegistisupnext
Julie Ojo @Juliet
25 October, 10:05
Japa season but no money to japa #livegistisupnext
Idris Balogun @Driis
25 October, 07:50
Give it to zainab now 😏 #livegistisupnext
Chris Uyaeme @Chrissy
25 October, 07:40
And Im voting for my boy lucky #livegistisupnext

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